Antique Travelers [album]

by Leitbur

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RubricalLou Gorgeous slick tracks, rich with emotion and sweet lyrics. Favorite track: Evergone.
Federico Orlandi
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Federico Orlandi Leitbur get better and better at every release !
These new 10 tracks are finely crafted gems that blend synth-pop and italo-disco at a very high level.
Congratulations guys ! Favorite track: Danger Rise.
Stephen Williams
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Stephen Williams This album grows on you with every listen. Perfect laid-back listening for a warm evening. Favorite track: Danger Rise.
Rudy Urroz
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Rudy Urroz Leitbur continues to offer us a transportive dreamscape full of lush electric emotion. The lyrics and storytelling continue to fill out a world where I find myself visiting and revisiting (on repeat) happily - - bridging the dance synth beats of a neon night and dreamy daytime vocals. There is so much romance and wonder in this music and I just find myself falling into it like a swimming pool. Love every track but especially the title track, Lost Cosmonaut and Danger Rise. Cheers to you on the new release!!!


An electronic album that blends classic synthpop, indietronica, and post-punk dance music, and is equal parts nostalgic, sweet, and filled with pathos.

Order includes lyric sheet PDF and high-resolution promotional photos.


released May 6, 2016

Performed by Jaron Widman & Samantha Krzyston.

Additonal guitar by Jonathan Widman on “I Need You” and “Evergone.”

Written, produced and mixed by Jaron Widman.

“Lost Cosmonaut” produced by Jaron Widman and Alex Slate.

Mastered by Justin Weis at Trakworx.


all rights reserved



Leitbur Los Angeles, California

Synthpop / New wave / Dreampop. Leitbur (“light-brr”) is Jaron Widman and Samantha Krzyston of Los Angeles.

“Leitbur isn’t a throwback to classic new wave, they’re a bona fide reincarnation.”
– Free Bike Valet

“sounds exactly how I imagine life would sound if I were starring in the Val Kilmer classic Real Genius…” – SYFFAL
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Track Name: Solid Ground
empty road, i’m facing north
engine cold, i’m off the shoulder
pack my things, and then I go
waving down the distant lifetimes
flashing in the headlights
it feels like i’m finally fading away
i’ve broken so much
i’ve broken so much

your heart’s in trouble
(i don’t know if we’ll make it)
when you stumble
(i don’t know if we’ll make it in time)
you felt it crumble
(i don’t know if we’ll make it)
you weren’t too careful
now you can’t find solid ground

i hitch a ride
on solace i hope is real
but i never feel it
a motel bed
shared with my dissonance
i blame it on a familiar stranger
i’m clutching at the remainder
it feels like my mechanism is failing
i’ve broken so much
i’ve broken so much

Track Name: I Need You
you’re driving ‘round the city
in your beat-up jeep
your mind is on the defects
you try to feel complete

it’s hard to share my feelings
they’re buried underneath
you make your love look easy
i wish you could see the person that i see

you’re never cold
you’re never gone
you always try to light a candle in my life
you’re beautiful
i never tell you
you’re the best person i know

i need you by my side
i need you x 4
i need you by my side
i need you x 4

you think you’re such a burden
you’ve got the family curse
for you the world’s uncertain
you think that’s what you deserve

you worry ‘bout life leaving
even though you’re my home
i wish that you’d believe it
i want you to know the person that i know

Track Name: Evergone
they built a time machine
to fill the void we feel
like a drug we’ll never clean up
oh, our world’s in trouble
we’ll never keep up
we’ll never wake up

we all wonder, were we right or wrong?
you told me, “don’t travel back for too long”
you’ll lose yourself to the evergone
evergone x 3

the memories with my face
i give them warm handshakes
like a trap, they’ll never let go
‘til you’ve met the hunters
they’ve got you by the throat
they’ll never let go

Track Name: I Taught You to Linger
linger, nearer, mirror, needed
linger, nearer, mirror, make you whole

my vagrant heart
it’s starting to vanish
same old mirage
been holding me captive
all my life
i wanted to blow out
my old cycle:
walking in place, on my own
furrows leaving no definite trace

i taught you to linger
by keeping you nearer
you looked in the mirror
and found what you needed
(clues to make me whole)
i taught you to linger
(you taught me to linger)
i taught you to linger
(you taught me to linger)
you found the clues
to make you whole

your accepting eyes
always pulling me closer
rose-colored life
you’re winning me over
but i still deny
that my war
comes from inside
i navigate my unknown
by the signs of life on your face

in my perfect lie
i could survive
but I won’t deny you
(won’t deny you)
i’m in the fight

Track Name: Not Just Another Girl
i’m tired of holding on
to my paradox
i’m just a ghost
i have to go
(i know you won’t
i know you won’t)

and then you heard me say
“you’re not just another girl”
i’m here, i’ll stay
you’re the one i can’t escape
i feel your hooks deep inside of me
your love inside of me
your love

i’ve lost what i am
i don’t feel permanent
but when i’m gone
when i’m morose
(you know i’m close
you know i’m close)

Track Name: Antique Travelers
bright from far away
sights and sounds that stay the same

there, our new day
down the highway

see it wide awake
cheap motels and scrambled eggs

plans, they scatter
miles that matter

antique traveling far away
we’re antique traveling far away

exit by the bay
treasurehunt, we will remain

there, far from now
down el camino real

antique traveling far away
we’re antique traveling far away
we’re antique traveling far away
we’re antique traveling far away

you are the light on
when i come home
the last companion
the one i call my own

you, you, you, you
Track Name: Lost Cosmonaut
your soul, my storm
i told myself i’m trying everything
to pull towards your world
your warmth

i’ve been trying to come back
i’ve been aching for your voice
i’ve been watching from orbit
i’ve been staring at the points
you’re down there in the shimmer
i’m up here in the void
you’re the light getting dimmer
i’ve lost you in the noise

your love, my hope
i’ve run my course
i feel the cold, it’s coming
i search for your world
your warmth

Track Name: Danger Rise
highway, dead of night
don’t believe the danger signs
our love at any speed
you don’t know what you’re doing to me

show me what it takes to stay alive
we’re chasing the redline
i know we’re moving fast
show me how we can last another night
we’re chasing the redline

on danger rise x4

one more mile past the rubicon
we’re coasting with the headlights off
don’t look off the drop
that’s where love ends up dead on the rocks

Track Name: A New World
when the trucks grow cold
we melt from the cities like snow
scattered by the sudden loss of tempered talk

give me life, give me the means
shelter from the sad and scary things
that we become

a new world x4

we knew that some would take with guns
and some would give with gardens
it’s a different day for our sons and daughters

give me life, give me the means
shelter from the sad and scary things
that we become


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